The key event in the business program of Automechanika Moscow powered by MIMS was the awarding ceremony of the World Automotive Components Award.

Awarding the best representatives of our industry is a widespread practice all over the world. But until recently Russia was deprived of the system of objective, clear and actual estimation of the industry representatives' achievements. But the development of economic relations in line with the global-European system of values quickly revealed the vacuum that had formed in the professional environment. Looking at our American, European and Asian colleagues, we were more and more aware of the differences. After all, there has long been a whole host of awards that emphasize and vividly celebrate the authority, advanced achievements, innovative breakthroughs, etc. of individual players in the industry fraternity. In particular, one of the most prestigious and most famous in our industry is considered an international prize Automechanika Innovation Award, since 1996, timed to the exhibition of the same name in Frankfurt am Main. The German award is just as prestigious as the American PACE Awards (Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence Award), which is held in the field of technical innovations for automobiles and automotive industry, rewarding automotive technology suppliers for the most advanced contribution to the industry in four categories. In addition, relevant awards are held in many countries around the world, at various trade fairs, and even within the framework of the national ≪Brand of the Year≫ awards there are special profile nominations. It is noteworthy that all these events are actively supported by the media. The second World Automotive Components Awards ceremony this year already demonstrates the progress of the event: more participants, more joy and unexpected discoveries.

This year, at the request of the participants the organizers have made changes to the statute of the prize, and as a result the number of nominations and prize fund have increased, the composition of the expert council, partners and media sponsors has expanded. And the most important thing is that it is obvious that the award is becoming not just an objective, but an authoritative event that deserves the closest attention of industry operators.

Other professional mass media are uniting around us, professional associations and partnerships, research institutes, educational institutions, analytical and consulting structures, exhibition companies and, of course, the leading industry forum - MIMS Powered by Automechanica. This means that the long overdue need for a national, unbiased and objective recognition of innovation, professionalism and hard work is finally satisfied. With more than 500 exhibitors from all over the world taking part in the award in 16 nominations and the Grand Prix -≪Brand of the Year≫ - the award can rightfully be called international. It was supported by such companies as SEZ "Alabuga", OAO "ASM-Holding", publishing house "Auto Time", international marketing agency AGV-Aftermarket, portal, SSC RF FSUE "NAMI", "AvtoHolland" (brand "KLG"), a group of publications "Auto Media", Russian Automotive Market Research (NAPI), MAMI, "4 points", "5 wheel", NIISTA. The peculiarity of the award confirming its objectivity and openness is that the choice of winners is made in two ways. Firstly, an authoritative jury - the council of experts, which this year included:

Alexander Kovrigin, Honored Economist of the Russian Federation, Deputy CEO of ASM-Holding, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Entrepreneurship in Automotive Industry of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Kalinin, editor-in-chief, Autocomponents magazine
Konstantin Zakurdayev, editor-in-chief, Special Machinery and Commercial Transport magazine
Tatiana Arabadji, director of Autobiznes magazine, director of Russian Automotive Market Research
Petr Levitsky, Editor-in-Chief, Autobusiness News magazine
Marina Beloglyadova, director of Publishing House "Avtomobiznes", magazines "The Body", "Managing Avtobiznes"
Aleksandr Shubin, head of technical department of Autocomponents magazine
Anna Ignatyeva, director of AutoMedia group of publications
Vladimir Matveyevich Yagniatinsky, Ph.
Maria Kotvitskaya, director of international marketing agency AGV - Avtomarket
Sergey Mikhaylovich Kruglov, Deputy Head of R&D department, Associate Professor at Moscow State Machine Engineering University (MAMI), Honored Machine Builder of the RF
Alexander Levit, Head of Analysis and Forecasting of Automotive Components Market, National Research Automobile Center, Federal State Unitary Enterprise NAMI
Nikolai Ivanov, Chief Specialist of Industry Forecasting Center, National Research Automobile Center NAMI
Oleg Rastegayev, expert of Autoreview magazine
Oleg Bogdanov, editor-in-chief, 5 Wheels magazine
Sergey Arbuzov, editor-in-chief of portal
Maxim Kuskov, manager of "4 points" online store
Secondly, everyone could choose the best of the best by online voting. Here it should be noted that the award was well received in the professional sphere - the number of votes at the website of the award exceeded 25,000 people; the number of votes at the exhibition "Automechanika.MIMS - 2013≫ - 2000 people.

Sponsor of the buffet was TD "Inter-Republican Winery", prizes and gifts for those who voted on the website of the award and the exhibition were provided by OSRAM, Petro-Canada, AIMOL, alca, "Silver-Line". As you can see, in many categories the opinion of the expert council coincided with the voting results, which once again confirms the objectivity and impartiality of the prize.

The winners in the category "Innovative Development of the Year" were Federal Mogul - "Spark plug with ACIS technology" and "Refmashprom" - "bearing of new design with improved life".

Special awards were awarded to:

"SK-Promavto" - "Best Original Product Protection Program≫
Bosch - "The Leader of the Siberian Region".
AIMOL - "For Product Promotion", "For New Product Development" - diploma from Russian Automotive Market Research and "Autobiznes" magazine
Brembo S.p.A. - "Brembo disks - proven quality".
TMD Friction - "Textar brake pads - 100 years of safety".
Sangsin Brake - "For the development in the production of friction materials".
KYB - the leader according to the poll of visitors of Automechanika Moscow powered by MIMS 2013 exhibition Valeo company received the diploma "For the development of polyphenol filter".
And some more figures about the award in conclusion. 300 automotive component manufacturers, 100 representatives of dealers and wholesale companies, 200 representatives of mass media, analytical and PR-agencies, research institutes, representatives of the automotive components industry etc. gathered at the ceremony. They were given a unique opportunity to share experience, make new professional acquaintances, and of course, most importantly, learn the names of the best of the best. And they used it perfectly! By all accounts, the award ceremony was brilliant; the prize showed its power, its objectivity and authority. So, we are confident that the award will live and develop as a relevant, necessary and professional phenomenon. Next year the professional community is waiting for its continuation. And we are sincerely happy about it.