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World Automotive Components Award

Choosing quality and reliable, objectively the best car components is, oddly enough, much more difficult than choosing a car itself. As a rule, personal preferences are the determining factor when buying a car. With regard to auto components, liking the manufacturer is frankly not enough. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the set of experts' opinions, both in the field of components production and their application in the service departments, and the end users. Long operational tests, laboratory studies, comparative analysis of the characteristics and parameters of competitor products can reveal the true quality of automotive parts and accessories. Unfortunately, in practice it is not uncommon for automotive components with genuinely better properties to be overshadowed by products from companies with better marketing and pricing policies.  

We believe that the time has come to understand the true state of affairs in this market segment, to give a real estimation of the world's automotive components and to name the best brands. To achieve this goal, we believe the best tool is an objective award. A comprehensive list of component manufacturers, open voting, and an authoritative panel of experts - these are all components of our World Automotive Components Awards.

Truth is our goal

Our main aim in hosting the Award is to recognize the true leaders in the production of automotive components. In this regard, we offer a full list of manufacturers as nominees, where relatively new market players with promising and innovative developments are presented along with world-renowned companies with many years of experience. The leaders will be determined by an open vote.

We are open

In reality it is important not only to clarify the real picture of the market for automotive components but also to make this information available to as many motorists as possible. We have selected the most authoritative and renowned media partners.

World scale.

This is not just because the award is international and the nominees come from different countries. The essence of the award is that both the voting and the results are shared with the international automotive community. Both the producers and consumers should grasp the powerful potential of the World Automotive Component Awards in the unified automotive space: the winner of this award in any of the nominations is global recognition.  


We are fully aware of the responsibility that we bear in organizing and conducting the World Automotive Components Awards. That is why we have invited a council of experts consisting of leading industry specialists to guarantee transparency in vote counting.

This award is an annual event: only complete objectivity and accuracy of the data and results allows us to hold this event, openly looking into the eyes of automotive component manufacturers, our partners and colleagues.

We wish good luck to all the nominees and may the most deserving win!

Application for participation

Statute of the Prize

"The Global Automotive Components - MAK Award

General Provisions.
The World Automotive Components Prize, hereinafter referred to as "IWC", is an annual non-commercial event.
The aim of the Award is to promote the development of the production and sales of automotive components, the continuous improvement of quality, connected with the constant stimulation of the development of the industry market in Russia.
The objectives of the Prize.
 To provide new opportunities for the domestic and foreign companies producing automotive components, to establish business and partnership relations with the wholesale companies, public and other organizations working in the sphere of automotive components.
 Assistance in the creation of competitive products in the automotive components market.
To ensure practical operation of the Prize and determination of the winners, an Expert Council shall be formed.
 The Expert Council shall consist of representatives of governmental authorities and other organizations operating in the automotive components industry; public organizations representing the interests of automotive component manufacturers; managers of the largest automotive component wholesalers; representatives of leading scientific and educational institutions of the automotive industry; analytical agencies; and specialized media in Russia and abroad.
Executive body, which carries out organizational work for the preparation and holding of the Prize is the Organizing Committee, formed from the directorates:
Publishing House "Max Media", the exhibition Automechanika (MIMS) and analytical agency "ASM-Holding".

 The Organizing Committee conducts work on the preparation of the IAC Prize and attracts
Media - partners; collects, analyzes, summarizes the applications of nominees and other materials of the Award, and also carries out the ceremony of awarding the winners.

In the Award take part manufacturers and distributors of automotive components, promoting their brand name (brand) in Russia, who have filled out an application form for participation, regardless of the country of manufacture.
Award nominations.
The following nominations are provided within the Award (separately - a winner by online voting on the Award web site and visitors of Automechanika (MIMS) and separately - a winner according to the opinion of the expert council).

  • Car Bulbs of the Year
  • Battery of the Year
  • Shock absorber of the year
  • Suspension and steering parts
  • Power belts of the year
  • Radiator of the year
  • Clutch of the year
  • Spark plugs of the year
  • Autochemicals Brand of the Year
  • Brake pads of the year
  • Brake discs of the year
  • Filter of the Year
  • Wiper blades of the year
  • Engine parts
  • Electrics and electronics
  • New Product of the Year
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Grand Prix Brand of the Year
  • Korean Brand of the Year

MAK Award Winner Determination.
Winners of the annual MAK Award are chosen by the Expert Council by a vote of the visitors to the Award Internet portal, visitors to the Automechanika (MIMS) exhibition, and wholesale companies. The poll shall be conducted prior to the official conducting of results. The polling data shall be processed during the meeting of the Expert Council.
Carrying out technology.
 The winner is defined by Expert Council within the given nominations, taking into account data of wholesalers' voting; by Internet-voting and polling of visitors of Automechanika (MIMS).
Council of Experts: structure and functions.
Expert Council evaluates and determines winners.
The Expert Council shall participate in awarding the winners of the Prize.
The Expert Council includes representatives of the following organizations:

  • - Analytical company "ASM-Holding".
  • - Analytical agency "Russian Automotive Market Research" (NAPI)
  • - MADI
  • - NIISTA
  • - GIPA analytic agency
  • - ITE
  • - ADAC
  • - International marketing agency "AGV"
  • - experts of "Dvuzhok" magazine
  • - experts and technicians of the journal "Autocomponents"
  • - experts of the Autobiznes Magazine, Novosibirsk
  • - experts of the journal "Autobiznes", Nizhny Novgorod
  • - experts of Info-Parts portal
  • - experts of the portal ""

The organizing committee of the Prize may increase the membership of the Expert Council of the Prize.
The Expert Council may establish special nominations to encourage individual participants in the Award.
The results of the Prize and the official awarding ceremony of the winners shall be held during the Automechanika (MIMS) exhibition as a separate event.
Prize winners shall be awarded prizes and diplomas from the organizers of the Prize.
The sponsors and partners of the Prize may issue incentive diplomas to the participants of the Prize.
The costs of preparing and conducting the activities of the MAK Award shall be funded from extrabudgetary, sponsor and other monetary and material resources.
Information support.
Information materials on the results of the Award for the media partners shall be prepared by the Award Organizing Committee.
Information about the holding of the Prize, the award ceremony and the winners is posted on the websites:,, as well as in the publications and websites of the media partners of the Prize.